Investment Network Forms to Advance COVID Technologies Rapid tests to be initial focus.

A rapid inexpensive test would change everything and could enable schools and businesses to reopen. The technology exists and can be brought to the market long before a vaccine. It is also a significant business opportunity. It is a market that did not exist a year ago and will soon be in the many billions annually. This Investment Network is an initiative of The Virus Project a platform for those working on solutions to the COVID crisis. The Investment Network will invest in the most promising solutions. Virus Project recently completed a global survey of 160 COVID testing companies and is developing ongin research to track progress on the most promising. Its first meeting will be insight on the testing market dynamics by experts and a review of the primary technologies with the greatest promise.  Virtual meeting will have unique structure that combines both virtual and in person meetings. The presentations will be divided into three sections. 1.        Part One. 20 minutes. Overview of major market issues. Summary of promising technologies (Supporting members) 2.       Part Two. Summary and presentation of the business issues. (Active members only) NOTE: Part 1 and 2 will recorded and made available to all members of the Virus Project at a later date. At the conclusion of part 2 the session will end.  Part three the debate and discussion will be for Club members only. 3.       Part three. CEO Q&A.  Shark tank type analyst engagement and discussion with the company management (Investment Club Members only) The New York Chapter will host an in person reception prior to the start of the program and will participate in the Shark Tank Session followed.  Club members will have access to a deal room content for each project in consideration. 
  • Investment Deck and business plan.
  • Management Interview transcript
  • Analyst Summary
  • Valuation summary

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