Business Genre:
Business Description:

Ativa is focused on developing their Diagnostic Workstation product, which will be a unified, afforable diagnostic device utilizing microfluids and a machine-learning analysis system to screen for mutliple disease states and adapt to new diseases as they appear [5].

St. Paul
Data/Evidence of Effectiveness:
“Safety and effectiveness have not been established.” [5].
Complimentary Products Needed to Perform Test:
Ativa Diagnostic Workstation, Microfluidic Test Card [5].
Setting of Care:
Ativa is targeting point-of-care facilities for their diagnostic workstation product [5].
Current Status / Clinical Development Stage / Expected Milestones:
“This device has not been evaluated, cleared, or approved for use by the FDA, and is not for sale in the US. Safety and effectiveness have not been established.” [5].
Information not available
Funding & Ownership :
Private, venture (series unknown). Raised a total of $36.1 M over 5 funding rounds [4]
Business Model:
No products currently approved or on market. Developing thier Diagnostic Workstation, which will supposedly be able to diagnose multiple diease states from a small blood sample using microfluidic technology and an “artificial intelligence” cloud-based anaylsis network [5].
US10612070B2 (granted 04-07-2020, exp. 08-27-2035) US patent for “fluid holding and dispensing micro-feature” [6]. US9366606B1 (assigned 06-03-2019, exp. 08-27-2035) US patent on “fluid processing micro-feature devices and methods” [7]. US20190022651A1 (assigned 06-25-2019, pending status) US patent for “fluid holding and dispencing micro-feature” [8].
History & Origins :
Founded in 2008 [4], focused on developing a unified, affordable diagnostic platform that can test for multiple disease states [3, 5].
Date EUA Issued:
No EUA issued
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]
David Deetz (CO-founder, CEO); Barbara Roth (Co-Founder, COO, VP Manufacturing); Travis Murphy (CFO); Craig Dunphy (CMO); Jeff Young (CIO); Gulam Shaikh (VP R&D) [3]
No. Tests Per Day:
1 test/run x 1 run/0.05 hours x 24 hours/day=480 tests/day
Time to Result:
Results in 3-5 minutes (unproven) [5].
Test Sample Type:
One drop of blood from finger-stick or venous [5].
Technology Overview:
Ativa’s Diagnostic Workstation (under development) will be a desktop device for use in point-of-care facilities. Using microfludic test chips, a blood sample will be analyzed and uploaded into a cloud-based analysis software. This data ( a “Digital Blood Sample”) will be compared to other samples, and the artificial intellignece neural network will scan for patterns of known disease, while adapting to the patterns of new diseases. Ativa asserts that the system will be able to perfrom the most common diease screens, while also adapting to new diseases, such as COVID-19 [5].
Testing Type:
Microfluidic blood analysis, machine-learning sample analysis [5]. Combines “all five of the major blood, metablic and urine panels on one system.” [5].
Test Category:
Test Name:
Ativa Diagnostic Workstation [5].
Clinical Application & Need:
Ativa aims to have their product used in point-of-care facilities globally, to detect common dieases, while also adapting to new diseases via machine-learning [5].
Age of Company:
12 years old, founded in 2008 [4]

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