Reopen Schools White Paper

Advances in technology since the start of the pandemic offer the ability to now reopen schools and keep them open. These technologies include testing, contact tracing, containment, air purification systems as well as tools to manage distancing and assurance systems to monitor progress.

The scientists and innovators have done their job. Now is the time for implementors – school superintendents, principals, teachers facility managers, policy makers to do theirs. This white paper is intended to provide the guidance to get kids back in school and to ensure this never happens again.

Advances in technology since the start of the pandemic offer the ability to now reopen schools and keep them open.

Technologies: Only through a combination of tools can make schools safe. The core technologies include:

  • Testing. Economical, rapid and frequent PCR, antigen and antibody tests.
  • Contract tracing. Technologies to find and then interrupting the sources of spread.
  • Aerosol ablation. Ultra Violet light, air filtration purification systems, photocatalytic oxidation to destroy COVID aerosols before it can infect.
  • Assurance. The capacity to test air quality and the presence of airborne viruses.

Focus: Schools that stayed open during the pandemic will be studied. What did they do? What worked? What didn’t work?

Existing Studies: We will begin by conducting an “inventory” of findings already produced by research institutions, think tanks, foundations and journalists.  The objective is a “one stop” resource for schools everywhere.

Interviews: School principals, teachers, facility managers and superintendents will be interviewed to learn what approaches have been tried and what has been learned.

Case Studies: Based on these interviews we will create case studies of what worked in all types of schools, buildings, HVAC systems, climates, and considering socioeconomic factors.

Blueprints: These case studies will be packaged into detailed implementation “blueprints” recommendations for schools including the sourcing of technologies, financing and implementation.

Distribution: This research will directed to school superintendents, principals and facility managers responsible for the investment in education and schools and will be primarily through professional associations.

Sponsors: The initial research has been underwritten by the Altru Institute. Ongoing support will be sought to fund this research and its communications. Sponsors will be recognized in the white paper and on the web site.

About: The Virus Project was formed to provide a platform for innovators to collaborate and find solutions to the COVID-19 crisis and for pandemics in the future.

Participate: We are interested in hearing from any groups and companies with ideas of solutions or interested in participating.  Please contact us at