Join the Virus Project

COVID-19 has taken lives, shattered lives and devastated entire industries. And the damage continues. But Altru institute has a plan to minimize the damage and return to some normalcy. We invite you to be part of this.

The Altru Virus Project was created to help society survive adapt and prosper and to win the Covid War.

Our first battle is testing. The Race to the Test campaign will focus on the nearly 160 companies working on COVID 19 tests globally. The development of a rapid and affordable virus test will change everything and for example could quickly save the hospitality and travel industries.

This communications platform will accelerate development of such tests and help us deliver trusted information for policy makers. Two keys to our approach:

1. Non-Partisan: We provide a platform for diverse views and honest discussion that is not happening in today’s divisive, woke and politically charged media environment that is rife with misinformation.

2. Best Content. We source little known content resources with insight but narrow audiences. We produce a newsletter with highlights summarize the most important for our resource library.

Be part of the solution. Your $290 Membership fee (or $29 per month) gives you access to the highest quality COVID information anywhere at and a front row seat on the innovations that will win this war. Included will be these newsletters:

  • Virus Report. Summaries of the most important posts in the Covid War.
  • Altru News. Progress on Altru Institute’s programs addressing complex global challenges.
  • OneMed Sentinel. Updates on the companies and technologies that will shape the future of healthcare.

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