We can return to normalcy. It’s not complicated.
We do it by providing one place to access the best information and a connection point for scientists and innovators to collaborate and develop solutions. We are focused on three goals:
  1. Develop a rapid  accurate tests to reduce the spread and need for lockdowns.
  2. Find the treatments that avoid hospitalization, serious illness and risk of death.
  3. Develop germ security to enable schools and businesses to reopen.
We have already made progress and have identified promising breakthroughs in each area. Your support will provide the resources to advance these ideas.  
Membership enables you to do something to bring back some normalcy and avoid the grim future that is inevitable if we continue on our current course.

CORPORATE AND PROFESSIONAL MEMBERS.  The Member Plus level is for decision makers dealing with COVID-19 in their occupation where access to accurate information is critical. $29 per month ($290 per year). It includes:

  • Access to the Research Library and Archive. Includes profile information on companies developing new technologies in the infectious disease space.
  • Full pass to the Contagion Conferences. This includes all recorded content, access to breakout sessions and one on one meetings with the management of presenting companies.
  • Subscriptions to our Newsletters.  The Virus Project Report highlights the important posts and additions to the research library and the OneMed Sentinel follows breakthroughs in health and medicine.

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CHARTER OFFER: Sign up now for $290 a year and receive the COVID Testing Global Reports that describe the science and the business of COVID testing. These two reports, US and Europe, which have a $950 value, provide a concise summary and offer insights on the companies best positioned to succeed. Learn more. 

INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS. ThIs Member level is designed for those who understand the power of information and education and the need for each of us to do our part. $9 per month ($99 per year). It includes:

  • Access to the full posts of articles on website.
  • Access to articles library and archives.
  • Virus Project Report Newsletter.

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