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Addressing COVID-19 is the most significant work being done in the world today. Scientists and entrepreneurs are developing projects to help return the world to some level of normalcy. For impact investors this represents a terrific opportunity.

The Virus Project is uniquely positioned to find and vet these opportunities. We have already made tremendous progress in the critical area of testing and strongly believe the development of a network of investors can bring these critical technologies to the marketplace.

The Altru Impact Investment Club  –  A group of accredited Investors who want to find and fund solutions will be launch in October. Members gain access to the projects, companies and technologies that will shape the post-COVID world.  The Initial concentration will be on testing, in general a $50 billion market next year.

Our first initiative is to find a rapid test (under 10 minutes at the price of a cup of coffee). We believe that this can change everything and help avert the economic disaster on the horizon. “We have identified technology and projects that offer great promise,” said Brett Johnson, who is the group’s founder. “There are others coming on stream, and the network or relationships around this research gives us a terrific due diligence capacity.”

The Virus Project commissioned a study to build a global inventory of tests from which it provides foundational research to source high quality projects.  The organization is now building a network of University Researchers to enhance its capacity to find and vet the best projects.

The Virus Project has engaged with such groups as  a grassroots citizen effort to find and support such tests. (see interview with founder Chris Said PhD).

Our Race to the Test campaign will find this test and help bring it to market. We’ve already begun and completed a nearly comprehensive database of all the companies working on tests globally. We have identified some genuine prospects.

The network is open to accredited investors by application only. It will meet monthly in New York City for discussion on specific projects. We will be utilizing the media platform. A password protected due diligence file will be built for projects evaluated.   

The group expects to review two companies each month using a hybrid of Zoom and at monthly in-person  meetings in New York City.  CEOs from the company may attend or present via zoom. All members are  tested regularly (and prior to meetings) such that masks and social distancing is not required. 

Membership is by application and restricted to accredited investors.  Membership is for very serious investors only with both the will and capacity to make meaningful financial commitments to these projects. The membership fee funds a due diligence, which typically includes management interviews and technology vetting. Members will be able to invest directly in these project or through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) that is being formed to syndicates for investment and provide some flexibility for our members.

Those qualified to apply and receive a full package.  APPLY.

Please visit to get a look at the platform currently in development. Altru’s mission is to make it the most respected source of information on COVID-19 globally.


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