The Untapped Potential of the School Nurse

COVID-19 has brought to the forefront the critical role that school nurses are uniquely able to care for communities. As the pandemic COVID-19 spreads, the school nurse was thrust into the center of the challenge. As the central health resource for their entire school communities, students, teachers, the staff, administrators, it has been a daunting task for an already largely unstaffed role.    As such,…

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Detecting COVID-19 Using AI, a Cough and a Smartphone

MIT researchers have found a new angle: applying AI to detect COVID-19 in an asymptomatic patient. From a cough. Recorded by a phone. Earlier this year, researchers from MIT solicited tens of thousands of recorded “forced” (i.e. not naturally occurring) coughs from over 5,300 subjects – both COVID-positive and COVID-negative…


Dexamethasone: The Covid-19 Coronavirus Treatment That Trump Received

Dexamethasone: The treatment that Trump received for Covid-19 has side effects. Forbes writer and highly credential science and health expert Bruce Y. Lee, offers an entertaining and insightful look at the Dexamethasone and its side effects. Lee points out that it is a corticosteroid, which is a class of steroid hormones…


Progress Report on Vaccines in Development.

The Washington Post has produced an exceptional work on vaccines and their progress.  It does a wonderful job describing the complexity of vaccine development using infographics. Some of the key points. Researchers in the United States set an audacious goal in January to develop a coronavirus vaccine within 12 to…

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How to Reopen Schools and Keep Them Open. A Virus Project White Paper

The Virus Project will begin production of a White Paper and documentary on Reopening schools and keeping them open. The research will focus on those K-12 schools who have stayed open during the pandemic.  The intent is a multimedia asset that addresses this issue and help schools everywhere reopen. The…