Germ Security: Rapid PCR Tests & UVC light Technologies the New Gold Standard for COVID safety

The combination of two new technological advances  to all but eliminate risk of COVID transmission at  gatherings will be demonstrated Aug 3 and 4 at the Invest in Schools Summit.

To acheve this level of protection requires two components. 1. Testing. Nearly immediate and high quality to make sure  there are no infected and contagious. 2.  Aerosols.  Making sure that the air is pure either through ventilation or air purification.  The testing is make possible by the recent development of a rapid throughput mobile lab that is on premise and can provide results in under an hour with a simple nasal  sample.  The system combines the work of four technology companies  to create the SafeTogether mobile Lab led by LumiraDX. 

The second component is a UVC light disinfectant that can cleanse an average  1500 sf  room in under 15 minutes. Developed by  R-Zero Systems, it uses UVC light. 

The R-Zero Arc UVC Light System

LumiraDX, with their PCR testing platform and R-Zero with its air technology will make the fully “germ secure”  and may become commonplace in future conferences, events, and commercial spaces – as well as in schools.

R-Zero has what may be the most advanced air cleansing technology to date. Its UV-C light robots will be cleansing our conference facility in the morning and during the lunch break.  R-Zero is a Silicon Valley start-up that has attracted some of the country’s leading venture funders who believe that their technology could be a game-changer for indoor air purity in education and in commercial buildings in general.


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