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Dr. Wyllie is credited with pushing forward on the use of saliva as a superior sample for creating high quality low cost testing. Her paper on the subject attracted support by the NBA that led to the development of technology that has enabled others to make possible frequent testing keeping kids in school and enabling professional sports to continue competition safely.

Max is a retired Senior Scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory with over 30 years of experience in building physics. He has a Ph.D. in physics from Berkeley and is an international expert in air leakage, HVAC, indoor air quality, infiltration, moisture, energy efficiency, and related topics.

Michael Moe is the founder and CEO of GSV, a growth focused investment platform based in Silicon Valley. GSV has invested in companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Snap, Lyft and Spotify. GSV has several funds focused on the emerging education technology sector and has invested in Coursera, Chegg, Pluralsight, 2U and CourseHero. GSV stands for “Global Silicon Valley”, the Megatrend of innovation and entrepreneurship that has made Silicon Valley such a remarkable place, is spreading throughout the World.

Sanjay Malkani is the Global President of Lab Solutions for LumiraDx, overseeing a team that is disrupting the Molecular Lab Testing industry with rapid lab reagent solutions. He is also a founder and Director of GenePace Laboratories in Indianapolis, and a Director of Omega Laboratories, with sites in the US and Canada. He brings over two decades of experience in leading and growing Global diagnostic businesses.​

Philanthropic think tank Altru Virus Project will host the Invest in Schools Summit  in Washington, DC from July 27 – 28 to ensure $170 billion in federal funds are fully leveraged. The goal of the Summit is to help US schools completely reopen and recover post COVID and to resist any future pandemic.   Learn More Closed schools have had a devastating impact on communities around the world, with economically disadvantaged families bearing the greatest burden. This has further accelerated the growing disparity between the haves and have-nots.   To address this challenge, the US federal government has allocated $170 billion to…

Education investment pioneer Michael Moe will keynote the first Invest in Schools Summit July 27, 2021, in Washington DC. Moe is widely regarded as a visionary in the fields of education and impact investing. A top Wall Street analyst, Moe is also a best-selling author and early investor in Starbucks, Facebook and numerous other home run investments. In 2009, he founded the ASU + GSV Summit, which has become the pre-eminent global gathering of technology-oriented education innovators, attracting nearly 4000 annually. “I’ve followed Michael’s career from his first job after graduating from the University of Minnesota. He started as an…

Philanthropic think tank Altru Virus Project has commissioned a team at Yale University to assist in creating a comprehensive resource for organizations focused on the needs of schools K-12 schools.  The Invest in Schools Summit  July 27 – 28  will be hosted in Washington, DC and produced in the form of an online White Paper which will be provided as an online resource. Updates will be provided in the monthly newsletter called K-12 Rebuild which will be distributed to school districts throughout the US / nationally.  “There is a wide range of organizations seeking to support schools that deserve visibility said Brett Johnson, CEO of Altru Institute, which commissioned the research. “Collaboration…

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