Altru Institute

Altru Institute is a philanthropic think tank that supports organizations addressing global humanitarian challenges.  We aggregate, curate, and convene leading thinkers, fostering industry collaboration to increase the efficiency and performance of individual organizations

The idea of The Altru Institute is to tackle complex global challenges through our simple model of collaboration. COVID-19 certainly qualifies. It has taken lives and shattered lives and devastated entire industries. It has dimmed our future. This need not be the case. 

Over the past 90 days we’ve assembled a strategy to beat COVID.  The Altru Virus Project will launch September 1st and will provide a platform to identify the innovative solutions that can help society return to normalcy.   

Our first initiative is to find a rapid test (under $10 and 10 minutes) which can change everything and avert the economic disaster on the horizon. 

Our Race to the Test campaign will find this test and help bring it to market. We’ve already begun and completed a nearly comprehensive database of all the companies working tests globally. We have identified some genuine prospects.  

This :60 video describes the Altru Institute approach.