The Contagion Conference

The Contagion Conferences bring together thought leaders to address complex challenges and to document findings for broad distribution.  Upcoming and past events: 

Back to School Conference: Safely Opening Classrooms in 2021

Getting America open again begins with creating confidence and enabling citizens to go back to work and school without fear of contracting COVID. The Back to School Conference: Safely Opening Classrooms in 2021 will be a hybrid (in-person) and virtual conference to demonstrate how this is now possible.

On April 13th – 14th thought leaders will assemble in Las Vegas Nevada to review the challenges of educators who working to keep schools open. We will profile successful approaches and showcase the advanced technologies and solutions to make schools safe. The Conference and resulting White Paper will address the unique challenges of schools and provide guidance to educators everywhere.


An expert discussion and insights from educators and innovators who have been successful keeping kids in school.  

COVID-19 Testing Breakthroughs

This December 10th 2020 event was an intensive ½ day of expert discussions on the critical issues and presentations of the most promising testing technologies.   

CEO’s from companies with technologies that are already re-shaping the landscape gave their take on the future of infectious disease testing.  The commercial status of promising new technologies was shared.  VIEW SUMMARY 

ABOUT: This is the first conference of The Virus Project which was created to provide a connecting platform for the brightest ideas and most capable individuals interested in collaboration to find solutions.  It is an initiative of the Altru Institute, a New York based think tank focused on addressing complex challenges through collaboration.

The Virus Project
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