The Contagion Conference

The Contagion Conferences bring together thought leaders to address complex challenges and to document findings for broad distribution.  Upcoming and past events: 

Containing COVID-19 

February 2021. This White Paper will seek to find the best ideas to address the challenge of keeping schools open. Its approach will to get insights from a range of perspectives in order to document what works. VIEW SUMMARY

An expert discussion and insights from educators and innovators who have been successful keeping kids in school.  

COVID-19 Testing Breakthroughs

This December 10th 2020 event was an intensive ½ day of expert discussions on the critical issues and presentations of the most promising testing technologies.   

CEO’s from companies with technologies that are already re-shaping the landscape gave their take on the future of infectious disease testing.  The commercial status of promising new technologies was shared.  VIEW SUMMARY 

ABOUT: This is the first conference of The Virus Project which was created to provide a connecting platform for the brightest ideas and most capable individuals interested in collaboration to find solutions.  It is an initiative of the Altru Institute, a New York based think tank focused on addressing complex challenges through collaboration.