Now in development:  Virus Project Exchange. VPE

The Exchange will provide efficient access to the resources, tools and supplies to win the COVID War.  This section of the site will be built slowly as we will list firms only after conducting due diligence on each.  

We are seeking recommendations that should appear in this section. If you know of other similar sites please forward along such that we can offer them an affiliate relationship.

Diagnostics and Testing Resources.

This is a marketplace of the providers of COVID-19 testing and diagnostics who have product currently for sale or who have expectations of such in the near future. Each organization will have paid a due diligence fee to fund an audit prior to listing on this  FDA or CE Compliance.

This service is provided to members of The COVID Testing Consortium. 

Medical Equipment & Supplies.

This is a marketplace for vendors of medical equipment. Primarily PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). This is being created to fill a gap that exists currently for such a resource. Those who have applied and passed a rigorous screening will qualify to list in this marketplace.  Member can click on their websites for direct access to these providers. All these firms have registered and paid a fee to underwrite our due diligence.

In phase two of this we will architect a dashboard for state and local governments to track the supply chain such as to insure adequate supply of PPE.  See commentary by Dr. Ingelsby from John Hopkins on this need. 


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