What role can tests play in stopping the spread of Covid-19?

There are three tests for COVID-19.

Virus test detects the presence of the virus in bodily fluids during an active infection. Called the RT-PCR, this test is designed to detect only the RNA of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19). These tests require nasal swabs and a laboratory and typically take 2 to 4 days for results. MORE > 

Antigen test detects the presence of proteins (antigens) in a sample taken from your nose or throat. Results can be in a matter of minutes. Typically, these tests are less precise than molecular tests.  (see video below)  MORE > 

Antibody test detects the presence of antibodies against COVID-19 that your immune system made if you were infected. Antibody tests require blood samples.  Called a serology test, this test shows if the disease was present and if antibodies have since provided an immunity. Antibodies usually take ~2 weeks to be made by your immune system. MORE >

Rapid Testing

The development of a rapid self test offers hope of controlling virus spread.  This video describes the distinction between infected and infectiousness and the potential of a rapid antigen test.


Our objective is a comprehensive coverage of all COVID testing companies. This effort began in June 2020, when we commenced a research project to build a database of COVID-19 testing companies in the US and Europe.

We follow those that represent investment opportunity, many of which have been reported on in the OneMed Sentinel Virus Report.  We are organizing a conference to address testing challenges during the Fall season of 2020.

The Contagion Conference will address the critical issues and showcase the most promising technologies representing this opportunity.

Race to the Test is a campaign to create awareness for promising companies.  

We seek information on testing companies and technologies that are not listed. For full list LINK  >


The Virus Project conducted initial research on 160 companies seeking regulatory approval in the United States and Europe.   See Research Report >.

It has also commissioned Research Reports on the Testing Market for the United States > and Europe >


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