Race to the Test

A rapid affordable test would change everything. Kids would be back in school.  Businesses could reopen. Race to the Test is a campaign to support advances in testing generally and help bring such tests to the market. We have put in place two components: 

  1. Global testing database of over 160 companies seeking approval in the US and Europe. 
  2. Profiles of companies. In-depth profiles and due diligence on selected companies.


The US Testing Strategy.  Because testing delayed is testing denied, we will explore the case for more frequent lower-sensitivity tests versus less frequent higher-sensitivity tests rating >50% versus >95% respectively. 

RapidTests is a grassroots citizens effort to promote fast inexpensive COVID-19 tests.  Learn more. 

The Role of Government. Does the US regulatory structure hamper the innovation that could save us? A test is harmless, so why in a time of global crisis does a test need to be FDA-approved anyway?

This page at The Virus Project is dedicated to keeping track of progress with weekly reports. We provide summaries of what we think are the most important current developments. 

This August video of Harvard Professor Michael Mina describes the fundamental flaw in the current US testing approach. He lays out the science and logic for rapid tests. The good news is we can address this disaster straight away. He is interviewed by Kyle Allred of Medcram. 

Kyle Allred interviews Dr. Michael Mina

Viral Load Comparisons






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