CCN COVID-19 Testing Market Research Report.

Market Overview was prepared by a team from Cambridge University. The objective was understanding of the testing market in Europe. The report also offers insight into Asia. 

The 50 page deck examined the COVID testing market broadly and assessed a variety of market dynamics:

  • Market size for PCR and Antibody tests
  • The different business models employed
  •  Regulatory pathways
  •  Supply chain analysis including bottlenecks.

Regulatory landscape. 

Including a detailed flow chart analyzing zing the complexity of approval process in the EU, China and South Korea.  Also included was the commercialization landscape and the reimbursement analysis for France, Germany, UK, Spain and Italy, US, China and India. This includes a description of the process as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). It concludes with a summary of long and short term investment opportunities.

The group conducted research on over 90 companies seeking approval for tests. This full database is available along with the report. Using a standard criteria, they conducted an analysis to identify the top 10 companies based on  for those they felt had greatest potential.

Virus Project Members can download the report and the deck HERE


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