Perspective from those running schools. National leaders share insights.

When we began designing the program, our hope was that we could assemble people who truly understood the dynamics and challenges involved to give us the critical guidance to be successful in approaching this effort with intelligence. We are pleased to report that we have achieved this.

David Lewis

David Lewis, executive director of ASBO (Association of School Business Officers) will be joining Jeff Wagner to provide insight into the issues facing those who run schools across the US on how we can best proceed to rebuild our K-12 public school system.  Lewis runs an association of the administrators that run America’s schools encompassing over 10,000 school districts. As a widely respected school executive, he provides insight as to what schools face.

Jeff Wagner

Wagner is the head facilities manager in Clark County which is the 5th largest US school district. He will offer his insights from a facilities perspective. Wagner is also leading the Consortium effort to aggregate best practices among school facilities managers that can be shared broadly with school districts across the nation. Together these two experts can provide the insight to drive forward with understanding of the complexities of running schools.

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