For its full members The Virus Project provides these two reports. A $750 Value. Foundational knowledge of COVID. US Report. Provides an overview of the scientific, regulatory and market issues for the COVID-19 testing market in the US and Europe. This market did not exist in January 2020 but could reach $20 billion in revenues in 2021.
  • Growth Model on the potential size of the market and the various market segments.  It includes an analysis of the impact on public stocks by COVID-19 during spring of 2020.
  • Summary of core testing technologies. Molecular (PCR) tests and Serology  IgM, IgA, IgG with a discussion of types of immunoassays for antibody detection.
  • Identifies emerging testing technologies including: Isothermal nucleic acid amplification; CT imaging; CRISPR; Machine Learning; Rapid Antigen; Neutralization Assays; NGS and Monitoring host immune response
  • Insights on the complimentary products and supply chain with summaries of  Molecular Tests, Swabs and Serology Tests.
  • Regulatory analysis of the FDA with a discussion of validation FDA notification and issues after EUA submission.
  • Health insurance regulation and coverage. A summary of how the US government and the rules under which the health providers are expected to operate.
This 20 page report is an ideal primer for anyone serious about understanding the COVID-19 Testing Marketplace. 10 tables and 5 figures and 113 references. European Report provides overview of the COVID testing market broadly and assessed a variety of market dynamics including:
  • Market size for PCR and Antibody tests
  • Different business models employed
  • Regulatory pathways
  • Supply chain analysis including bottlenecks.
  • Regulatory landscape. Including a detailed flow chart analyzing zing the complexity of approval process in the EU, China and South Korea
  • Commercialization landscape in Europe
  • Reimbursement analysis for France, Germany, UK, Spain and Italy, US, China and India.
It concludes with a summary of long and short term investment opportunities.

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