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Altru Virus Project to Produce Global Corona Diagnostics Report

Altru is partnering with teams from Cambridge University (UK) and Washington University (USA) to produce a comprehensive report on diagnostics for the coronavirus encompassing both active infection and the existence of antibodies.

Primary  focus is on companies with tests that are undergoing FDA applications. We seek to have a complete profile of every approved test as well as everyone in the application process.

As of April 20, 75 companies have received Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA) for diagnosis of the coronavirus. Four companies that have been approved by the US FDA. We will then conduct similar research throughout the world.

The complete report is expected in July and provides to understand on all significant tests in development. Companies and technologies will be showcased in the weekly Virus Project news beginning in early May

An in-depth profile with interviews on all of the companies with meaningful technologies will be provided. Companies appearing in the report will be invited to an investor meeting in September and online in the summer.

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