The Contagion Conference Agenda

Thanks for joining us today. This first Contagion conference marks the launch of the Virus Project, an initiative to solve the COVID crisis by bringing together the best and brightest scientists entrepreneurs engineers to develop solutions.

Today we’ve assembled those on the front edge of testing.  

We identified companies with promising technologies run by people who believe in the power of collaboration to achieve solutions.


AGENDA  December 10th 1 pm – 5 pm

Topic Speaker
1:00 Welcome Brett Johnson
1:10 Overview Tom Miller
1:30  COVID Testing Panel Part 1 Arvind Kothandaraman
Kevin Hrusovsky
Prem Premsuit
Brett Johnson Moderator
2:10 Perkin Elmer Arvind Kothandaraman
2:20 Quanterix & Precision Testing Kevin Hrusovsky
2:40 Mirimus Prem Premsuit
2:50 Aptavid Daniel Roth
3:00 Yellow Collective UK Mark Cusack
3:10 Venture Perspective Tom Miller Grey Bird Ventures
3:20 Brightline UK Andrew Chaloner
3:30 Conduit Ryan Robinson
3:40 Kephera Andrew Levin
3:50 Mammoth Biosciences Janice Chen
4:00  COVID Testing Panel Part 2 Russell Hanson
Janice Chen
Tom Miller
Tom Miller Moderator
4:40 Closing Remarks
4:50 End of Session.


Panel Speakers include:

Kevin Hrusovsky is Chairman and CEO of Quanterix which received $18M in funding from the RADx program which selected the most promising COVID testing technologies. Kevin is a biotech industry icon and leader who founded Powering Precision Health, the annual summit ofindustry’s and premier forum for advancing the deep science that powers precision health and has dedicated his career to transforming medicine from reactive “sick care” to preventative and personalized healthcare. Prior to joining Quanterix, he was President of Life Sciences and Technologies at PerkinElmer, CEO of Caliper Life Sciences (sold to PerkinElmer); and CEO of Zymark (sold to Caliper).

Janice Chen is Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Mammoth Biosciences a biotechnology company harnessing a revolutionary gene-editing tool called CRISPR – used for rapid and affordable disease detection. With recent Nobel Prize winner Jennifer Doudna, Chen co-invented the programmable CRISPR-based detection technology called DETECT that garnered $23,000,000 in funding from the National Institute of Health for their COVID-19 test as part of the NIH RADx program. She received her PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology from the University of California, Berkeley.

Tom Miller is a global healthcare industry leader and an experienced and visionary CEO. Tom is founder of Grey Bird Ventures, a venture capital fund dedicated exclusively to diagnostics. He is a frequent speaker on healthcare technology and business at such venues as the National Press Club, the National Library of Medicine, the National Institute of Health, and the American Hospital Association. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell and then received a Masters degree in Medical Physics from the Harvard University/MIT Health Sciences and Technology Program.

Russell Hanson Co-founder and chief scientific officer of Aptavid, the developer of a rapid at home COVID-19 test. Chief Scientist Augustus Intelligence; Professor of Genetics at Mount Sinai; Past professor at Harvard Medical School, Boston Children’s Hospital, MIT Media Lab. H received an M.S. in Biology from Georgia Tech and his PhD in Chemistry at Boston University. In 2008 he founded a collaborative website for scientists and researchers, co-founded a web annotation and recommendation engine company.

Arvind Kothandaraman leads the specialty diagnostics business at PerkinElmer. His primary interest is in equipping clinical laboratories with the tools needed to meet their technical and operational goals. Prior to PerkinElmer, Arvind held positions at Thermo Fisher Scientific, BioReference Laboratories and Advanced Analytical Technologies. Arvind holds a Master’s degree in Science and Business from the Claremont College.

Mirimus Labs CEO Prem Premsrirut licensed a COVID-19 pooled testing technology developed at Yale and created SalivaClear , a way to use this technology to keep schools open and safe. She is a mother who saw the critical need and used her talents as a scientist and entrepreneur to help keep schools open in the New York and New England region. Prem is a pioneer in RNAi therapeutic design and CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technology implementation for preclinical studies. She received a B.A. in Molecular Cell Biology and Biochemistry from UC Berkeley. She is also founder of the Mobilizing Foundation which is committed to the eradication of COVID-19 and the prevention of future pandemics through collaborative scientific research and massive surveillance testing.