Core Themes.

The Summit will address four topics and provide insight on the ecosystem the important players and the core challenges and critical issues.

The Federal Funding 

An understanding of how the $170 billion will be distributed, utilized, and measured. Analysis of all programs and functions and how schools can efficiently access these funds and put them to best use. Insight on the purpose of the Legislation and a description of the five approved areas of expenditure and their specific applications: 1. Professional Development, 2. Public Health, 3. Technology, 4. Infrastructure and 5. Socio – Economical.  Accessing Funds. A look at how schools can efficiently access these funds and put them to best use.  

Safe Schools. Managing Pandemics

The mission is to put systems in place to ensure schools (and society) never shut down again for reason of a pandemic. Two themes: 1. Testing. An exploration of cutting edge systems/protocols for COVID testing in the school setting ensuring the safety of teachers, staff and students. 2. Air Quality. A look at the critical role ventilation plays in thwarting the spread of airborne pathogens (including influenza) and creating a healthy physical environment for students, teachers and staff.

Healthy Schools

Children cannot learn if not physically safe and emotionally healthy. The pandemic exposed the critical role schools play in the physical and emotional and the lth of children especially those with limited economic means. These significant mental and emotional health challenges the broader role of schools in the overall healthcare system, including: the opportunities regarding Nutrition and Mental Health to build resilient student bodies and staff; the psychological and emotional resources needed; the potential role of the school nurse; and, the use of telemedicine as a tool.

Accelerated Learning

Falling behind in school takes a terrible toll on kids and their development. Finding new ways to help kids learn and catch up is of critical importance. Educational Technology sessions will explore how software, AI, computer assisted learning and tutoring can advance and accelerate learning.  Special focus will be on leveling the playing field and overcoming the “digital divide” thus ensuring that every student is connected with equal access to educational opportunity.

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