Member Plus Annual Thank You

You’ve taken a first step towards helping us can return to some normalcy and reopen businesses and schools and avoid the pain that is on the horizon. 

What we will do:  Aggregate and curate the best information to find and develop testing and germ security to control the spread and find treatments to reduce or eliminate serious illness.

How you can help:

  • Submit high quality content: Ideas, Innovations, technology, insights articles. At the bottom of each page is a simple form to do so.
  • Spread the word. With enough members this is completely possible and we can ensure that the best ideas and innovations are advanced globally. Forward along our newsletters and links to stories.

Be sure to keep check your spam filter to make sure it is not catching our newsletters:

  • The Sentinel Newslettertracking companies and technologies we think have merit.
  • The Virus Project will highlight important articles that are posted at our News and Information site.
  • The Altru Newslettercovers the progress of the Altru Institute.

In appreciation for you advance payment, we’ve provide two key and very valuable research reports.

  • COVID Global Testing Report. United States
  • COVID Global Testing Report. Europe

Click here to return to the home page, or visit this link to access your account.  On behalf of everyone on the planet, thanks again.

The Virus Project.

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