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COVID-19 has taken and shattered lives and devastated entire industries.

With innovation and collaboration it can be managed. You’ve taken a first step towards making this happen. The Virus Project will assemble the best information foster collaboration among those who can lead us to victory in this war.  Your engagement is important and makes a difference.

The Virus Project Report Newsletter will provide updates of the most important articles as determined by our editors.

Our mission is to create and curate a collaborative community. Open Source Citizen Journalism is the power of our network to help us access quality insight and truth.  Members are part of a community and encouraged to post and comment on the stories.

Member Network.  Membership in a network of other professionals engaged. Complete a short section on your specific interest in COVID in your account page.

In the coming months we will begin forming special interest groups to bring together members with common interests. If interested, let us know.

The Altru Newsletter covers the progress of the Altru Institute.

The Sentinel Newsletter tracking companies and technologies.  We will present companies we think have merit that have joined our network. If you know a company or project that is worthy we recommend such. See SUBMIT

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