Policy & Governance

COVID has changed everything.  It has illuminated the flaws of our healthcare and political system. It ushers in an entirely new paradigm. Everything is in flux. Trust in the government has dropped to the point where revolutions begin. And, in fact, they have already begun. 

In the United States, the Red Team and the Blue Team will fight to the death. Theirs and ours. It is about power. It is not about what is best for you. The system is flawed and falling apart.  

How does COVID fit into this struggle for power?  The best interest of the public’s health is a debate. Is the cure worse than the disease?  Can anyone articulate clearly why or why not?  

That is the focus of this section. 

We will hear both and all sides of each and then critique their arguments. The best idea will win right? Will everyone play fair? Or are people involved in politics incapable of playing fair? See for yourself. 

The tradeoffs are challenging. A lockdown saves lives, but at what cost?  51 million people were unemployed in late August 2020. What is the plan? Is there a plan?  

And the economic interests… Who are the winners and losers from this transformation? How will that shape the future?  

The problem is that decision makers are often operating with poor information which typically leads to disaster. The decisionmakers never suffer. The little people bear the brunt of bad decisions. 

War means casualties. It becomes between lives lost and lives shattered. Who decides? This conflict that could tear the fabric of society. 

This debate will shape the relationship between government and individual citizens. 

The economic recovery from this war will be dependent upon creativity and cooperation.  Will you be part of this? 

We will provide a platform where this debate can be advanced through an intelligent and rational discussion. 

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