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Corona War as World War III. We must treat it as such. And it just started and has created devastating consequences. But we can survive it and win it If we assemble our best ideas and engage citizens broadly.

We don’t have to live in fear. With the right information, the virus can be managed. This is why we created The Virus Project. To assemble and deliver critical information and research that change and save lives.

Today we are drowning in data and information. Much of it is misinformation. And it is dangerous. We follow hundreds of sources and apply critical analysis find what is true.

We critically evaluate the information from the media, government and institutions like the CDC and WHO where bureaucracy and politics impedes their capacity for collaboration and transparency.

The best strategy is citizen driven. The Virus Project was created to find innovative solutions and to provide a platform for ideas that we need to survive, adapt and prosper.

We are funded by readers not advertisers. The value of information is what you paid for. Either with your time or your money.

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