Your Immune Health

Critical to the success of the Virus Project is broad education and understanding of how the virus spreads and how it can be managed.  First and foremost is a healthy immune system that can protect from illness and death.

Lower your risk of an adverse response. 

We will be providing articles and reports on topics related to immune health. Our contact with thought leaders in the field enable us to curate critical information in such areas as:

  • Virus basics. Virus vs. bacteria. How viruses spread. Public spaces. Personal spaces.
  • The immune system. How does the immune system work?
  • Herd Immunity. What gives someone immunity?
  • Spreading the disease. What is shedding? How to avoid this.
  • Drugs and vaccines. How drugs and vaccines work?
  • Testing. Antibody vs. antigen testing. Molecular tests vs. serology tests.
  • Self Assessment. Telltale signs that you may be infected.
  • Protocols. What is the protocol if you feel these symptoms?
  • Self-Quarantine Preparedness. Procedures to return to health and manage the disease.
    • The basic items should you have in your home
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