Sanofi, Luminostics to Develop Smartphone COVID test

Sanofi and Luminostics to develop COVID-19 smartphone-based self-testing solution

Sanofi and Luminostics to join forces on developing breakthrough COVID-19 smartphone-based self-testing solution using Luminostics’ innovative technology. a smartphone-based solution that eliminates the current need for healthcare professional administration or laboratory tests.

Luminostics test

A self-testing could help providemwhether or not they are infected” with respiratory samples in 30 minutes or less. The system involves smartphone’s optics, controlled by an iOS/Android app paired with an inexpensive adapter. It is combination with “glow-in-the-dark” nanochemistry and signal processing artificial intelligence. The diagnostic platform is composed of:

  • an iOS/Android app to instruct a user on how to run the test, capture and process data to display test results, and then to connect users with a telehealth service based on the results
  • a reusable adapter compatible with most types of smartphones; and
  • consumables for specimen collection, preparation, and processing.

No over-the-counter (OTC) self-testing solution is currently available. This approach requires no interpersonal contact necessary to conduct the testing, thereby lowering the infection risk for patient, HCP, and laboratory staff. Immediate availability of results allowing fast decision making, providing consumers both public health and lower out-of-pocket cost.  They hope to have OTC self-testing solution ready by the end of 2020,

Sanofi is a Paris based leading pharma company make of (Kevzara® and Plaquenil®).  Luminostics is a California startup focused on healthcare accessibility affordable, actionable health testing funded by top-tier venture capital firms in Silicon Valley.

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