The Fluxergy Approach Makes Testing Portable and Consolidates All of the Various Processes into One Device

Fluxergy is a medical diagnostics company based in Irvine, California. The company was founded in 2003, and aims to answer the question: “Why is there not a better laboratory testing system on the market that can conduct a variety of tests at the point-of-use?” Over the years, Fluxergy has been developing a high-speed testing platform and an overall system that relies on state-of-the-art polymer chain reaction (PCR) and microfluids technology.

The Fluxergy approach makes testing portable and consolidates all of the various processes into one device. This device is easy to use by clinicians in a laboratory setting, and it can provide accurate results in 45 minutes or less with a simple, three-step approach with no sample preparation required.


President, Fluxergy

This system includes a “Fluxergy Card,” which is a disposable, self-contained cartridge with an integrated loading port. The Fluxergy Card also allows for multiplexing of test targets and eliminates the possibility of sample contamination. Another important component is the Fluxergy Analyzer, a portable device that uses sophisticated analysis algorithms and cytometry-based assays with an active cooling system, which significantly decreases testing times. The Fluxergy system also involves versatile software with cloud access.


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