The End of Pandemics Author Quick Joins Rockefeller Foundation.

Ending Pandemics.  Rockefeller Foundation is taking a leadership role in addressing the Pandemic,  putting lots of money in and bringing in an individuals with good credentials and a plan as outlined in his 2018 book. Jonathan Quick MD.

What is interesting that so many had predicted this.  Had our leaders been heeding the warnings in this book, the ravages of COVID might not have happened. It is clear were we were woefully unprepared.

Dr. Quick has identified 7 things that if done, we all live happy together. If we don’t he paints a grim picture, pointing out that we are far more vulnerable than ever and that COVID-19 is not an aberration. The trend is going in the wrong direction worsened by our stewardship of the planet, deforestation, population growth and connectivity that can put a deadly virus into global circulation quickly. There will be more of the same and the next epidemic could make COVID-19 appear mild in comparison.

There is no place for politics in dealing with Pandemics, but that is exactly what has happened. We must find ways to set up systems that are immune partisan politics.

Quick arrival at the Rockefeller Foundation as Managing Director Pandemic Response is hopeful. Rockefeller has credibility and resources. Quick has the background and experience. He’s lived it, treated it. And he has seen it the gory gruesomeness of it up close. Which is well captured in his 2018 book. The End of Epidemics. Looming Threat to Humanity and How to Stop it.

It is well written, well researched and with compelling message. An interesting section at the end is called “future headlines” where he outlined 2 years ago what he hoped today’s headlines should have read. Unfortunately his hopes were dashed. We would love to see him to give the headlines as it actually unfolded. In summary. Well worth reading.

As for Quick’s solution it revolves around 7 ideas:

  • Ensuring bold leadership at all levels
  • Building resilient health systems
  • Fortifying three lines of defense against the disease (prevention, detection, and response).
  • Ensuring timely and accurate communications
  • Investing in smart innovation
  • Spending wisely to prevent disease before an epidemic strikes
  • Mobilizing citizen action.

In a recent webinar hosted by Rockefeller Foundation on a blue print for keeping the economy open he discussed the need for  Pandemic literacy. Preparedness People need to know with some basic knowledge. And supporting support the companies with technology and solutions that can scale. And the need faster approval of tests. We hope to hear more from him and wish him success at Rockefeller. Here is some background on Quick and the Rockefeller effort.

Fore more on the Rockefeller foundation.  Testing Strategy.

The Rockefeller Foundation Launches New Testing Strategy to Keep U.S. Economy Open



Jonathan Quick, MD, MPH


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