SalivaClear is to Help People Across the Nation Return to School and Work with a Self-Collection Approach that is Noninvasive and Simple.

Mirimus is the parent company of SalivaClear, a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing system with a focus on serving schools and workplaces. The goal of SalivaClear is to help people across the nation return to school and work with a self-collection approach that is noninvasive and simple. Prior to the outbreak of the coronavirus, Mirimus was heavily involved in genome editing technologies, especially in regards to the synergization of RNAi and CRISPR technologies. Mirimus is also considered a world leader in PCR testing, which is seen as the “gold standard” of Covid-19 testing.


Prem Premsrirut, M.D, PHD, President and CEO

SalivaClear is centered around three main elements: a saliva-based test, pooled testing, and PCR diagnostics. These factors address some of the weak points of standard PCR testing: high costs, uncomfortable sample collection, and the need for medical professionals to complete the testing. In contrast, SalivaClear is based on a self-collection approach for both symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals in large groups known as “pools.”

SalivaClear is being marketed towards schools and large, public workplaces because testing can be completed by employees or students at regular intervals. With this approach, hotspots can be quickly identified and isolated. Results are made available in 24 hours or less, so individuals can take the necessary forms of action and precautions. Mirimus’ SalivaClear method may be particularly attractive to schools and workplaces because of its low operating costs combined with high throughput. This type of testing is also easy to scale. 

A video from CNBC explaining the Mirimus Labs school Covid testing segment 

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