School Nurse Leaders: Hear their Plan to Reopen Schools Safely

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The announcement last week of the Federal government funding of over $100 billion to schools to enable them to reopen is a tsunami which could easily wreak havoc on the American K-12 education system.

The process by which these funds get delivered, appropriated is unknown. Understandably. We hope someone really smart is sorting this out, because it is complex. This could be the most complex government initiative in history. The Manhattan project (to build the nuclear bomb) was simple in comparison.

At the epicenter of this storm and the likely casualties will be the school nurse and the coaches, and the superintendents, principals they will have funds, but no preparation. They are about to get asked to manage something they are completely unprepared for.

We know this because we’ve been on the front lines of schools dealing with COVID testing and have done so successfully, but at considerable cost. In our experience it only worked because the parents jumped in as volunteers to help with the very challenging logistics.

A few of the reasons this is complicated.

  • Internal Politics. Insiders and outsiders. This requires increased staffing of people that know the local system.

  • HIPPA Regulations. Sharing personal health records is a regulatory morass. Sophisticated software systems to security controls must be utilized to comply.

  • 50 Different systems. Every state has different approaches and policies. This means you need 50 different systems.

  • Inexperience. These people have never done something like this before. It is already a struggle to manage a classroom of kids when everything is fine. Now add this.

The challenge is significant. We’re assembling the best and brightest we can to sort out how to do this with hopes we can save our nurses, teachers, principals and coaches from what could be a terrible experience.

Join us for this collaborative webinar where you will hear from these Nurses working on the frontlines.


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Laurie G. Combe, MN, RN, NCSNPresident of the National Association of School Nurses, is a nationally certified school nurse. With 44 years as a registered nurse, Laurie has experience in adolescent psychiatry, nursing education and home health hospice.  In her 27 years as a school nurse, Laurie has found her passion in working with students and families, building trust that serves to support student health and learning.  A guiding value of Laurie’s work is the pursuit of equity for individual students, as well as underserved populations and communitiesLauricurrently works as Consultant for School Nursing & School Health, serving the Texas Region 4 Educational Service Center. 

Robin Cogan, MEd, RN, NCSN, is a Nationally Certified School Nurse (NCSN), currently in her 20th year as a New Jersey school nurse in the Camden City School District. Robin is the Legislative Co-chair for the New Jersey State School Nurses Association. She is proud to be a Johnson & Johnson School Health Leadership Fellow and past Program Mentor. Robin is the honored recipient of multiple awards for her work in school nursing and population health. These awards include, 2019 and 2020 National Association of School Nurses President’s Award, 2018 NCSN School Nurse of the Year, 2017 Johnson & Johnson School Nurse of the Year, and the New Jersey Department of Health 2017 Population Health Hero Award. Robin serves as faculty in the School Nurse Certificate Program at Rutgers University-Camden School of Nursing, where she teaches the next generation of school nurses. She was presented the 2018 Rutgers University – Camden Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence Award for Part-time Faculty. Robin writes a weekly blog called The Relentless School Nurse. She also has a monthly column in My American Nurse, the official journal of the American Nurses Association. You can follow Robin on Twitter at @RobinCogan.

Kathleen A. Hassey, DNP, MEd, BSN, BA, RN, Director, Northeastern University School Health Academy (NEUSHA). Kathy has devoted the last 20 of her 39 years as a Registered Nurse to the specialty of School Health, in roles that included direct care, administration, education and program development. As an experienced and engaging speaker, Kathy brings energy and enthusiasm to continuing education for school nurses and others seeking to support student health, safety and achievement. Connected to school health practitioners and administrators nationally and in her home state of Massachusetts, Kathy is known for her collaboration with a variety of stakeholders and her encouragement of nurses seeking professional growth opportunities. Kathy has been actively engaged with her state and national professional organizations (Massachusetts School Nurse Organization (MSNO) since 2005, serving as President of MSNO from 2007-2009 and serving on the of the National Association of Schools Nurses (NASN) as the Massachusetts Board of Directors representative 2014-2016. In 2021, she was awarded the Anne Sheetz Leadership Research Award.

In May 2018, Kathy received her Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) at Northeastern University demonstrating her commitment to life-long learning with her scholarly project titled Assessing the knowledge and interest of Massachusetts school nurses regarding the use of telehealth.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, Kathy has provided online webinars regarding COVID beginning in March 2020 to school nurse in 37 states such as School Nurses’ Actions during the Pandemic, Recognizing Disparities during the Pandemic, Lessons from School Nurses Teaching Health Virtually, Preventing Transmission in Schools: School Nurse Planning & Perspectives for Reopening Schools during the Pandemic, COVID-19 Testing: Strategies and Models for Schools, COVID-19 Vaccine: Science & School Nurses Experiences, COVID-19 Pooled Testing: Science & School Nurses’ Experiences.

Kate King, DNP MS, RN, LSN. Is currently the Director of Health, Family and Community Services for Columbus City Schools, the largest school district in the state of Ohio with over 51,000 students and 110 School Nurses. She also serves as the NASN Director from Ohio. Kate supervises employee and student wellness programs and initiatives, develop, implement and support policy that promotes wellness in students and employees, supervise employee wellness through the current insurance plan.  Her background includes specialty areas of community health and adolescent psychiatric nursing and school health legislation. Kate’s doctoral work focused on her passion for Creating Voice in School Nurses through Increasing Self Efficacy. I am the Ohio School Health Services Association OSHSA‐President, 2019‐Present.

Moderator: Rebecca Love, Clinical Advisor, Meenta, RN, MSN, FIEL. Thought Leader on Nurse Innovation & Entrepreneurship, experienced nurse executive and entrepreneur, first nurse featured on, and inaugural nursing panel at SXSW. Rebecca designed and built the first nurse innovation program in the United States at Northeastern University, that led Rebecca to found SONSIEL, a 501C-3 non-profit, which she serves as President alongside an incredible board of nurse leaders that aims to reposition and redefine the image of nursing across healthcare. In addition, Rebecca sits as an advisory board member on several leading digital health startups and organizations, has co-authored 2 books, founded 3 companies, speaks internationally, and is dedicated and passionate about empowering nurses to be at the forefront of healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship.

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