Far UVC Light Offers Hope for Stopping COVID-19.

A private Florida company, Healthe Lighting is offering a system to disinfecting people who walk through a framed doorway that uses Ultra Violet light. The cleansing takes about as long as going a scan at the airport.

For UVC light is a lower spectrum of UV light that can isn’t harmful to humans that was recently developed at Columbia University and holds great promise to kill airborne pathogens such as the COVID-19.  See related story entitled: Far UVC Light Kills Airborne Viruses that describes a technology developed at Columbia University.

Fox news reporter Liz Clayman. Interviews the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Healthe Lighting who is a former NASA scientist. Fred Maxik.  Short video shows the product used for the entry of interior spaces. He also demonstrates a soon to release product for Uber Drivers.

Fox News Report. Video.




A Falls Church VA company, Pinkston Public Relations was one of the first companies to install this UVC Lighting System. See short interview with the company founder Christian Pinkston.  Video 

Portable device. Cleanse Tote. is 193.00.

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