PerkinElmer has Developed a Number of Standardized Solutions for the Isolation and Detection of Covid-19

PerkinElmer is a Massachusetts-based medical company that is currently working on a number of Covid-19 solutions, including testing, therapeutics, and accelerated research. 

PerkinElmer is a Massachusetts-based medical company that has developed a number of standardized solutions for the isolation and detection of Covid-19. In addition to testing, PerkinElmer is involved in accelerated virus research and therapeutic drug development. The company is more than 85 years old, and PerkinElmer was involved in the early development of things like atomic absorption spectrophotometers, aerial panoramic camera lenses, and computer-aided chemistry. 

Prahlad Singh, PHD, President and CEO

Today, PerkinElmer is an industry leader in fields like electronic laboratory notebooks ELNs, software, imaging technology, and much more. They currently employ more than 13,000 employees worldwide. The company’s mission to “innovate for a healthier world” faced a new challenge with the outbreak of Covid-19. 

In terms of Covid-19 testing, PerkinElmer focuses on providing complete workflows with standardized equipment and kits, allowing various labs to address Covid-19 testing hurdles. The company’s testing approach involves RNA isolation and PCR, and they are also developing therapeutic drugs for the disease. 

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