How The Virus Project Helps Find Covid-19 Solutions

If businesses are not open and kids not in school, we are losing the war against COVID. A war we could and should be winning.  Science and technology can defeat this invader that is destroying the global economy and taking and shattering millions of lives. But we need to unleash the power of innovation and information. Instead we are holding it back.  Winning is not complex and it is NOT just a vaccine.  To rely primarily on vaccines is simply foolish and could be a big mistake. Vaccines should be pursued full force, but there is no certainty any will be effective or safe. And even if they are both, they will likely be available too late to avoid a global economic depression. 
COVID-19 can be defeated with the intelligent application of Innovation, science, and technology. And leadership that sees the big picture and is thinking long term.
COVID can be defeated with the intelligent application of Innovation, science,  and technology. And leadership that sees the big picture and is thinking long term.  Unfortunately, our system does not reward that type of person or that type of thinking. So we continue down a precarious path The Virus Project is assembling needed technology and citizens that do think long term. COVID will be beaten with knowledge and information. And we are certain that:
  1. We can assemble truthful (non-politicized) information. 
  2. We can find and empower scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs to find solutions.
And when those two things happen we can: 
  1. Find and develop a rapid inexpensive self-test to dramatically reduce the spread.  
  2. Find treatments for avoiding hospitalization, serious illness and risk of death.
  3. Develop systems and testing to enable schools and businesses to reopen.
We have already made progress toward each of these goals, and it will accelerate if more people engage. There are some good solutions, but there is no coordination or organized distribution of information. Technological advances in the U.S. are being slowed by bureaucracy. Partisan politics thwarts good ideas and cooperation.  All of which can change. Nearly instantly.  We can accelerate testing. Discover the best treatments. Find ways to make indoor air safe.  We don't have to live in fear.  Normalcy can return and we can avoid the painful, miserable, and grim future that could be just around the corner The current institutions and political structure can't get it done. Time to try something new. 

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