Emily Gold Mears J.D.

Emily Gold Mears currently manages a variety of investments, as well as being committed to philanthropy.  Gold Mears was born and raised in Los Angeles and received her B.A. at U.C. Berkeley.  She practiced Real Estate Law for a number of years and has now transitioned to research analysis in the area of science.  She is a Board member of the UCLA Longevity Center; a Board member of KCRW Foundation; serves on the Society of Fellows Advisory Committee for the Aspen Institute, on the advisory board for the Aspen Brain Institute and on the advisory board of the Franca Fund/Genomes to People. She is currently writing her first book a compilation of over two years of research in the field of functional medicine. Some insights from Ms. Mears: What is your current interest and/or activities in COVID and/or the Healthcare sector? For the last few years I have been fascinated by the area of functional medicine, personalized medicine and the human genome. We have today some unprecedented opportunities to change the paradigm in health. COVID and the serious illness and death that it creates in many cases would not be happening if we took better care of ourselves and built our immunity.  I’ve been working on a book focused on optimizing health and resilience through nutrition and many other things that each of us can do to become immune from such things as COVID and the toxins that are pervasive in our foot and environment. What do you see as the biggest challenge and/or facing policy makers and/or healthcare system regarding COVID? The greatest challenge is the food supply. We are what we eat. And today we are not getting the nutrients we need, rather we are ingesting an increasing and growing amount of chemicals that. We are not getting enough sleep and in general filling our lives with toxins in every manner that doesn’t need to happen. The challenge is to create policies that encourage responsible and intelligent eating and diets. And to help give access to quality and healthy food. What is your outlook for tests, therapies, vaccines or other? (chose one more to answer) I think that the pursuit of vaccines as the ultimate solution is a fool’s errand.  It doesn’t seem like an intelligent to make that the primary strategy to deal with COVID. It think testing and  therapies are a better way to go. But ultimately the best approach to this in the long term is resilience. Making yourself immune to such diseases as COVID. What is your hoped for outcome? How will this impact healthcare sector or society in general? There will be increasing recognition of the importance of diet and other personal choices that we all make. COVID is taking lives. Being vulnerable by not being resilient you are putting yourself at serious risk for infectious diseases. I hope this will be a wake up call.

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