Altru Virus Project to Inventory on K through 12 Resources Nationally

Philanthropic think tank Altru Virus Project has commissioned a team at Yale University to assist in creating a comprehensive resource for organizations focused on the needs of schools K-12 schools. 

The Invest in Schools Summit  August 3rd and 4th will be hosted in Washington, DC and produced in the form of an online White Paper which will be provided as an online resource. Updates will be provided in the monthly newsletter calledK-12 Rebuild which will be distributed to school districts throughout the US / nationally. 

“There is a wide range of organizations seeking to support schools that deserve visibility said Brett Johnson, CEO of Altru Institute, which commissioned the research. “Collaboration and information sharing is now more critical than ever, as schools seek to recover from the pandemic.”  

The research will be organized along the three core areas the summit will address: 

  • Safe Schools. Making schools resilient through testing and proper ventilation. Any resources that can offer guidance or resources to prepare for pandemics and the prospect of this happening again.   
  • Healthy Schools. Recognizing the key role schools play in protecting children’s physical and emotional health. This can include resources related to mental health and nutrition 
  • Accelerated Learning. Discovering innovative techniques and technologies to help kids maximize their potential for learning. This is both high-tech and high-touch. 

For each of thesean Ecosystem Chart will help identify those organizations with the most effective solutions and the greatest capacity for impact. 

By creating awareness, greater collaboration and progressthe core approach taken by the Altru Virus Project is to foster long-term relationships across sectors and industries. Any organization committed to K-12 education is invited to register for this directory. All participating organizations will receive a copy. 

The Invest in Schools Summitwill guide school districts in assessing their options and empowering them to make the best possible investment choices to maximize the benefit to their schools. This is the third in a series of Contagion Conferences organized by the Altru Institute’s Virus Project ( / and follows its highly successful Back to School Conference held April 2021 in Las Vegas, which brought together thought leaders from around the US for a two-day discussion on strategies that enabled schools to stay open throughout the COVID pandemic. 


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